Banking policies localisation

Migration of policies and lexicons to a communication conduct monitoring and surveillance platform for one of the largest bank in the world.

I was in charge of policies localisation EN > FR:
7 policies – 1380 lexicons – 17585 words
– Policies: confidential classification of sensitive and secure banking communications
– Lexicons: rules define the text of interest using regular expressions, they are executed against communications and will be triggering an alert when matched
=> adapting to the French market communication
=> liaising with French experts and the development team
– Custom regular expression engine: optimising performance of rules
– Coordinating and collaborating:
=> implementing tools to track progress, raise issues and implement solutions
=> quality controls and tools: proofreading, regex syntax checking, peer-reviewing, and optimisation reviewing
– Liaising with stakeholders of the end client, the digital agency, and the contracting company