My profile

After spending many years in digital and multimedia development projects, I now focus on digital content and linguistic roles. I am working with multimedia content such as audio / video, photo, infographic, test, quiz, chat, forum, webinar, interactive multimedia, data representation, knowledge base. I enjoy working within an international environment specialised in multimedia content and web-based products.

My expertise lies in FE development, digital design and multimedia creation. I have worked with a wide range of technologies and environments such as applications, websites, audios and videos editing encoding, newsletters, and info- graphics. I have also taught computer science, implemented educational technologies, worked in technical support and customer service.

I pay attention to detail, customer and user experience. I am flexible working remotely or on-site. I like being part of an international multidisciplinary team and I proud of the work we accomplish.

How I start my day of work!

Languages & Locations

I learned to be fond of languages through travelling and through my interest in other cultures. I am French, I lived in London for 12 years and I am now in Valencia to perfect my Spanish.

Web & Design


  • agile ; scrum
  • git ; svn ; ci
  • jira ; confluence ; trello
  • local, dev, prod, uat or live environments
  • atom ; netbeans
  • visual studio
  • intellij idea
  • moodle
  • drupal ; wordpress ; joomla
  • sitecore ; umbraco
  • php ; c#
  • mysql ; phpMyAdmin