Digital Tools & Communication

After a series of interviews and audits with stakeholders, staff and users to gather and understand the current state of digital tools I came up up with the following concepts.

Technical Bits & Pieces

  • Drupal 8
  • Mobile first
  • Bootstrap framework



Information Architecture


  • sticky menus above and below permanently displaying important entries
  • links to articles or sections
  • structured information and page
  • quality of images and logo
  • legible typography
  • attractive visual signs with icon and infographics
  • transitions, animations and interactivity of page elements


  • additional news section
  • subscribe to the newsletter
  • section dedicated to projects, campaigns, news, events, facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, linkedin
  • Overview of activities on the home page: 1 project, 1 campaign, 3 latest news, 3 upcoming events, the last facebook, the last instagram, the last youtube, the last twitter

Give and Colaborate

  • menu Colabora
  • donate button on each page
  • 3 collaborate calls to action on the home page

Social Networks

  • Autopost from website content to social networks and vice-versa
  • show the number of times an article has been shared and the number of tastes
  • show the number of people interested in an event
  • share button on each page
  • follow us buttons on each page
  • Frequency of publicationFacebook: 3-10 x per week

    Twitter: 5+ x per day

    LinkedIn: 2-5 x per week

    Pinterest: 5-10 x per day

    Instagram: 1-2 x per day

  • create a social media and web editorial calendar

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